Creative Loafing reviews CHEW

With less than 10 minutes of music made public on the group’s Bandcamp page, CHEW shows quite a bit of promise. With a lineup featuring Brett Reagan (guitar/electronics), Sarah “Snare-uh” Wilson of DAMS (drums) and Brandon Pittman (bass), the trio produces agile and fuzz-laden psych jams that veer into deeply heady territories, including everything from prog and acid rock to funk and downbeat. 

“Melt,” the first of two songs released by the band, treads a similar path to the illustrious psych-funk perpetuated by the crate diggers at Stones Throw. The track shifts from sections of strolling, echoed haze to interludes of driving riffs and spiraling synth-rock at any given moment without losing momentum or focus.

“Transparent Awareness” is a fitting B-side compliment of distant, laid back vibes. The track’s opening quarter veers through an abstract and amorphous take on the ensuing melody, swaggering through each undulation with utter cool. As the song hits a swampy and distorted climax, you can’t help but feel as though you’ve reached the end of a long journey.

-Bobby Power
Creative Loafing