3D EP review by Immersive Atlanta


“3D EP covers a multitude of musical inspirations culminating in a genuine and heartfelt journey that opens with the use of light sleigh bells and finishes in a whirlwind of earnest intensity. CHEW is a band that doesn’t rely on any one member to lead you; there’s no push or pull for dominance in their songs. Instead, they strike a musical sweet spot that results in a powerhouse psychedelic presence. CHEW’s music is meant to be a visceral and intuitive experience, not a narrative to follow in your head, leaving you heavy with the desire for more of their music. Simply put, with 3D, CHEW has found their niche in the diverse nooks and crannies of Atlanta’s music scene.”  Melia Jacquot – Immersive Atlanta

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Immersive Atlanta reviews Soap + 23


“Atlanta trio CHEW never fail to go all out. Their music — or at least what little we’ve heard to date — is marked by a boundless energy and an aggressive willingness to both genre jump and experiment with timing, pacing, and rhythm. It’s not often I prefer bands to forgo vocals and remain purely instrumental, but CHEW are a rare exception.”   Avery Shepherd – Immersive Atlanta

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The Crimson White interview


“Is there anyone out there who is still genuinely weird? The answer is yes, and their name is CHEW. Deep from within the heart of Atlanta, the funky trio stands out in a crowd of weirdos…the band oozes eccentricity in the most casual way.”  Taylor Esche – The Crimson White

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