Love from Weld for Birmingham

“Chew haven’t been playing together for very long, but already the Atlanta trio — featuring drummer Sarah Wilson, bassist Brandon Pittman and guitarist Brett Reagan — has carved out a particularly strange sound that’s hard to pin down. On their accurately titled single “Melt,” for example, the band glide between spaced-out psych rock, glitchy electronic music and acid jazz in the space of five minutes without breaking a sweat.

- Weld for Birmingham

Creative Loafing reviews CHEW

With less than 10 minutes of music made public on the group’s Bandcamp page, CHEW shows quite a bit of promise. With a lineup featuring Brett Reagan (guitar/electronics), Sarah “Snare-uh” Wilson of DAMS (drums) and Brandon Pittman (bass), the trio produces agile and fuzz-laden psych jams that veer into deeply heady territories, including everything from prog and acid rock to funk and downbeat.  Continue reading